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Metro Housing, Compton, CA

Metro Housing, Compton, CA

The Master Plan we created for this area facilitated mixed-use development around the MLK Transit Center, creating a local transit-oriented district. Anderson Barker entered an agreement with a prominent senior housing developer to entitle the adjacent site for development. The project proposed a two-story 82-unit building comprised of 70 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom apartment units. The project provided with 43 parking spaces. Each unit has full amenities with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, central heat and a/c, and its own private patio/balcony space. The project design focused on the concept of active living for seniors and incorporate such features as a large courtyard with a water feature, a large community room, a computer and multimedia room, outdoor barbeques and tables, a kitchen, library, laundry room, mail room, and highly attractive landscaping. The project opened in Spring 2015.

The key benefits brought to Compton with this project include: (1) revitalizing the downtown area with new development, (2) providing housing to seniors at an affordable rate, (3) complementing the planned Senior Center with an ideal adjacent use, and (4) distinguishing Compton as trend-setter in implementing smart growth strategies and transit-oriented development.

Client: City of Compton/ Meta Housing Corporation

Expertise: Economic Development, Urban Design, Affordable Housing