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The Scope of Anderson Barker

Anderson Barker designs and assists in the construction and financing of a wide range of building and infrastructure projects. With expertise in aviation, mass transit, civic, education, commercial, residential buildings, and municipal infrastructure projects (such as streetscapes, parking structures, community centers, and parks). We recognize and understand that most municipal agencies that seek transit-oriented development want a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design, and management of public spaces, but they may not have the resources to implement transit-oriented community (TOC) solutions. For this reason, Anderson-Barker aids local municipalities in accelerated TOC and placemaking development by collaborating public funding, private capital sources, and real estate development companies we work with on other projects. This process begins at the concept phase of a design solution to better position our clients’ projects to identify and receive the public and private funding sources that seek to invest in such projects.


With a primary focus on generating the best design solution, our core team invites collaborations with leading design architects, engineers, and technology and industry experts on each project. Bringing in these experts during all phases of design and construction documents assures that each project has a positive impact on the community it serves.

Our Services

We offer great services to our clients

Architecture Design

Great architecture inspires people, so Anderson Barker designs for a better future to help clients achieve their vision for the communities and people they serve. Collaborations with cities and stakeholders solve problems and utilize a variety of design professionals to help deliver the best results.

Community Development

We enjoy collaborating with cities and stakeholders to solve problems where municipalities are weighted with managing operations and may not have resources to concentrate on economic development. We aid cities by adding other projects where we are already working. Through our relationship with real estate developers, capital sources, and transit, we often identify methods for aiding cities in creating the projects needed to grow and modernize their city. This includes infrastructure such as city assets, utilities, and streetscape and pedestrian corridors.


As we work on a project and engage with municipal officials, we use community outreach efforts to seek additional opportunities for future growth in the community served. We build and nurture a continuous relationship to aid the city in developing new revenue sources by utilizing urban design and development skills to further transform challenged communities by seeking to entitle adjacent properties for additional community development. The new projects, such as mixed-use commercial and residential developments, produce added value and new tax revenues to afford better services to constituents.


A big challenge for municipalities is identifying funding sources. As we develop design concepts, we prepare funding applications to assist cities in submitting and winning approvals for public funding from county, state, and federal sources, and seek to use our private capital sources to provide matching funds when necessary to have projects shovel-ready for construction. Since public funding agencies tend to rate projects by having additional funding sources prior to approval, we find ways for private funds to be used as seed funding to win that approval.

Featured portfolio

Most popular of our works.


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Century Boulevard Beautification Project

The project was designed to create a beautiful streetscape …

Our Partners

Anderson Barker partner clients are municipalities, cities, school districts, real estate developers, architects, engineers, and nonprofit organizations. Design focus is done with the community in mind. Our core team enjoys working with local government as a partner to build strategic projects that grow local market economies that result in a better quality of life for the communities and neighborhoods they serve. We share a vision for the continuous modernization of our cities and infrastructures while preserving and enhancing the existing cultural identity that will emerge as an all-inclusive lifestyle resulting in a self-sustaining metropolis.